Ceramic House Signs

Order a unique, distinctive house name or number for your home or holiday accommodation, hand made and hand painted on the banks of the Teifi in West  Wales. Your bespoke sign can be painted to your own specifications so your sign is distinctive and individual to you.

All custom house signs are suitable for outdoors. The decoration including the numbers and letters is permanent and will not fade, having been fired to 1075° centigrade. No transfers are used, every personalized sign is hand made from start to finish, and will be a unique work of art. Each sign has the letters and numbers impressed into the clay whilst it is still wet, and after it has been allowed to dry out slowly, it is painted before being fired for the first time, after which a transparent glaze is applied and the sign is fired for a second time. For this reason, the sign takes quite a long time to produce, but I think you will find the wait worthwhile.

Contact: Lisette Chesshire Website: www.ceramichousesigns.co.uk   SMFB