An article by Jinsy from Penyrallt Fach Cottage The Teifi Valley has recently been the focus of a number of events held to celebrate the centenary of the renowned Welsh author and poet T.  Llew Jones (1915 -2009). He spent his childhood in the village of Pentre-Cwrt,...

Poems and Photos from Aeron John Photography

Some people walk on roads paved with gold. Some people walk on roads of dust. Some people walk in the company of a loved one. Some people walk alone. What of those who walk alone on roads of dust?   Who are THEY? THEY are there in the past ,the present and...

Llanllwni Parish Paupers.

Article by Judith of Nonni Barn The earliest record of a pauper in Llanlwni was in 1653, when a lady named Gwenllan Griffith’s whole estate was listed as eight shillings. The church vestry provision for the poor was seen as inadequate by many, so wealthier...

The Aims of our Group:

VTV is a group of like minded business owners who recognise the strength in working together to achieve the following aims

  • Market the Teifi Valley as an ideal destination for visitors throughout the year in partnership with the TCT, Carmarthenshire Tourism, the Ceredigion Partnership, Visit Wales and other interested parties.
  • Promote tourism in the Teifi Valley and highlight the benefits that all aspects of the industry bring to the area.
  • Participate in existing events in the Teifi Valley and be involved in the development of new events
  • Liaise and negotiate with interested parties in the Teifi Valley and make representations where appropriate on mattering concerning tourism.
  • Promote the exchange of ideas and information between members to create a better understanding of all the businesses servicing tourism.
  • Act as a supportive network of Teifi Valley tourism businesses, sharing information and good practice
  • Recognise the special nature of the Teifi Valley and the importance of conserving it for future generations.