Some people walk on roads paved with gold.
Some people walk on roads of dust.
Some people walk in the company of a loved one.
Some people walk alone.
What of those who walk alone on roads of dust?



Who are THEY?
THEY are there in the past ,the present and forever more,
THEY control our fate for that I am sure.
THEY are many and THEY are one, there to speak to and for everyone.
THEY can make you, THEY can break you, THEY have the power to make a strong man put his head in his hands and cry, once in love with life plead to the gods to hurry up and let him die.
THEY act for all but no-one at all, lift some up and let many fall.
THEY can make us feel warm, they can make us feel cold, THEY are there throughout our lives from very young to oh so very old.
THEY are amongst us THEY are by your side, trying to deny them is like trying to stop high tide.
THEY can bring love, THEY can bring pain. THEY make people question were they ever sane.
THEY say this THEY do that, in this game of life it seems just tit for tat.
THEY will say why did you write this and I will reply there’s something’s in life, like many, that I feel amiss.