Do you visit the VTV web site?  Do you point people towards it?
Do you have information about your business on the web site? A whole one page insert for free once you are a member. Can you turn down such an offer!
At a recent attendance by VTV at the LLandysul Show an (unscientific!) survey of people with stalls there indicated that they are most interested in the Events Calendar on any web sites. Ours is poor at the moment as it is only as  good as the information received by the Web Master.  The more people who visit our site the more likely we are to generate business from it whether we are goods or services providers. Please keep our calendar informed and buzzing with activity
For any of the above please contact our Web Master, Roger, on roger@ceridwencentre.co.uk and he will let you know what to send him – and he will do the rest. Be aware that Roger runs the Ceridwen Centre with Simone (see previous article) and he is our Web Master on a voluntary basis.

Did you know that Visit Teifi Valley  has a Twitter account?
It has 316 followers to date and it would be brilliant if it had more!
If you are not already a follower please become one J.  The account is @TeifiValley.
And please point other people towards it.