A quick note about the social event. Sorry if you missed it and hope you can make the next one, hopefully for Christmas or the New Year

8 businesses / 14  people  attended, bringing loads of gorgeous food! It was a great social occasion and Judith (Howells, the Chairperson) also  gave every-one an update from Ceredigion Tourism and  some initial thoughts about how we can develop VTV through  member involvement and proactive engagement with other businesses and organisations. We all shared details of our businesses, large and small, and it was interesting to look at the differences as well as the similarities between them all.

The 27th was the evening of the glorious Blood Moon  and even at 9.30 as we were departing the night was bright and almost mystical! A great evening in all respects. More information and photographs in the Newsletter which should be out with you by 20th October. And there will be some photographs on the web site

NOTE : If you have any photographs or information for the Newsletter please send them in. And if you feel driven to write something for the Newsletter – please do!  Photo’s, information, articles from the diversity of VTV membership would be brilliant.  Meleri from the Falcondale Hotel is going to do some-thing for us on Booking.com (and other similar systems).

Send any-thing you have to kaymargerison@btinternet.com.